My cat decided he wanted to write a post on how fat I am. *translations to come later*

mewo meow meow meew mow mroawl mew mew meeeoow meeew mrown mew mew mew newo mew meiew mrow meow meow mow moaw moaaaaww meeeeeeeeeeww!

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My car!

My car is a walking (or driving?) liberal. Think I’m kidding? Take a look at the back of my car! I love my liberal spewing car. I’m surprised it hasn’t been vandalized yet.

Not because I live in Texas and the right wingers can be a little crazy (because they can) but because my car is SO to the left.

The site I got my Darwin fish and coexist sticker from actually sells replacement feet for the Darwin fish.

I see the super right-wing bumper stickers and kind of laugh to myself. There is even one that isn’t super popular but VERY ridiculous. “Texans for Secession” How silly is that?! But sometimes it’s easier not to question.

In other news I got into my first insurance exchanging “accident” yesterday. I scraped a car parking. Left my phone number because they weren’t there. Got a call this morning and the mother was SUPER nice. I don’t think there was a lot of damage and I don’t think it will affect how much I pay monthly.. So WOO!

In other other news, who is tired of hearing about all the current drama and would rather listen to things that ACTUALLY MATTER?

Instead of the birther shit, I’d like to hear about what’s being done to save the economy.

Instead of listening to what color the Queen’s hat will be I’d like to hear about the victims of the recent tornadoes.

I’d like to hear about the war. I’d like to hear about those in Japan. I would NOT like to hear about Charlie Sheen in Texas.


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Alright. I am of two sides here.

Mostly. Kids need to suck it up. Boo hoo. They call you names. Yea. I did too. Kids don’t need plastic surgery for something minor like a “flop ear”. Getting made fun of helped me be nicer to people. I’m more accepting and I also don’t let things get to me.

Now. The other side. I am not sure if my self confidence issues are linked to my arm or not. According to this video, they are. They probably are.

But. I’m nice to everyone. I don’t judge peolpe for their disabilities and such.

So. I don’t know. I’m going to therapy to get all this straightened out.

But really? 7 year olds getting plastic surgery?! WHAT?

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TSA Screenings

Yes. I am making a blog post about the TSA screenings. I’ve stayed quiet in my opinions until now.

I just watched the video of the little girl being screened by a TSA agent. Let me tell you. I am NOT appalled. <– there’s a link in case you haven’t seen it.

Boys and girls. I have no problem with a TSA agent “groping” me. I don’t know about all of you, but I lived through 9/11. I also was alive for the shoe bomber AND the underwear bomber. So if a TSA agent has to touch my boob for half a second to make sure I don’t have a bomb hiding, then let it be.

I hear all these negative things about the screenings and the full body scans. The full body scans actually deliver LESS radiation than being at full altitude, so if you’re that worried, fucking drive (or take a boat if you plan on going over seas). As for the whole “privacy issue” about showing our parts; they don’t actually show any detail. And even if they do; it’s a same sex person doing the scans and or pat downs. It’s nothing they haven’t seen before.

I would rather walk through a scanner or be touched than have a terrorist (or some crazy person) hijack my plane, or injure someone on the plane.

And another thing, you need to stop blaming the TSA agents. They are simply doing their job. Do you think they enjoy getting so much hellfire for what they do? No. But someone has to do it, and they need the money to put on their table.

I guess the biggest thing that spurred this post is the UPROAR caused by the little girl getting checked out.

Terrorists and other people of the like do not care. If they know that TSA won’t check kids, they’ll strap the bomb to the kid. Same thing with drugs and weapons.

Suppose we only check kids who are over the age of 12 or whatever age you choose. A lot of kids don’t look their age. Hell. I’m 19 and I look like I’m 12. Does that mean that I won’t get checked? And by choosing kids of a certain age, doesn’t that count as profiling?

Well. Yea. I’m done. Please comment with your views and if you’ve had a full body scan and or pat down, please let me know! I’d love to know how it went.

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Late Nights

So. Marcus and I both have jobs that require us to stay out late. I’m out until 10ish and he’s out until 10 at the earliest.

Late nights and trying to save money, but we both come home super hungry. So what do we do?

Frozen chicken dinners.

Seriously. It’s super easy.

Here are 4 recipes that you can marinade, cook, then freeze at the same time.

For all of the recipes you’ll need chicken breasts, olive oil, and zip sandwich baggies.

Garlic Balsamic:

  • Garlic-to taste (I use the stuff in the jar for ease and quickness)
  • Balsamic Vinegar-to taste
  • Olive Oil -1 or 2 Tbsp depending on the size of the breasts (or vegetable, I use olive because it’s healthier)


  • Olive oil 1-2 Tbsp
  • Liquid Smoke-just a few drops (it’s VERY strong)
  • Minced Garlic-1-2 cloves (or more if you like)
  • Onion Powder-1-2 tsp


  • Olive oil 1-2 Tbsp
  • Minced Garlic-1-2 cloves
  • 1 canned chipotle pepper in adobe sauce (1 pepper, not 1 can. It’s very spicy. Also. If you’d like you can freeze the rest of the peppers for future use. One other also, I would kind of chop up the pepper a little just to help get the flavors melded.)

Lemon Rosemary:

  • Olive oil 1-2 Tbsp
  • 1 stalk of FRESH rosemary (I guess dried would be okay, but fresh is ALWAYS better with herbs)
  • Minced Garlic-1-2 cloves
  • Garlic Powder
  • Juice of 1/2-1 lemon (Again, fresh is best. Use your hand to catch the seeds as you squeeze.

 This requires 4 large ziplock baggies.

Put 2 chicken breasts (or more if you have a lot of marinade or only want to do one or two marinades only) and all the ingredients in a bag (obviously one bag per marinade). Put them in the fridge and ignore them for a few hours.

Once they’re all juicy and marinated pre-heat the oven to 350 F.

What I do to separate all the different flavors but cook them all at the same time is to make little foil sections for each flavor. Pop them into the oven for about an hour (Until about 155 of 165 F; they’ll continue to cook, and you don’t want to over cook them).

Now. Let them cool a bit and then put them into small ziplock sandwich baggies and freeze them individually. When you’re ready to defrost them, fill the sink (or a bowl) with COLD water (Yes, cold water. Hot/warm water will help grow bacteria) and let it defrost. It takes mine about 1/2 an hour. You can also toss them in the fridge the morning of and eat them that night.

When they’re defrosted microwave them and they should be perfectly juicy and awesome (mine were).

While you’re waiting for them to defrost, mae yourself some veggies or something and have a nice healthy meal!**

*You can substitute most of these ingredients, and add or subtract anything you’d like. I added sea salt to most of them but not a lot, and it’s not really needed. You can also substitute garlic powder for minced garlic, I just like the intensity of minced.

**Recipes for healthy tasty veggies coming soon!

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I want to start this off so you guys know that: I say this because I am a self-proclaimed former emo kid, and all that came with it (or the emo stereotype). I felt sorry for myself, I wanted to cut myself, I didn’t because a) I was afraid people would see me as an attention whore and b) because I thought it was just a fad, although, it did seem to help the few times I tried self-inflicted pain. I was sad and lonely. I didn’t have friends. I thought I was terribly ugly, I didn’t have talent, I didn’t even fit in the one place I loved to be. I didn’t get invited places, I saw other people playing around and I never saw myself even having that kind of friendship with people. The only image people had of me was the weird girl with the weird arm. My first love dumped me. I found out on my 16th birthday that he didn’t even care about me anymore. My second love left me for another girl who never even dated him, and then I broke my rule about dating people twice, and got my heart-broken again. I’m pretty sure I was clinically depressed.

I pulled myself out of it my senior year. I decided, well, who the fuck cares if no one is my friend, or if these people I work so hard to please still don’t like me? Who cares if I’m an ugly fuck? Who cares?

My senior year was the best year in highschool because I changed my attitude.

Maybe I’m being mean here, or maybe it’s because I’ve always considered myself more mature than a lot of people my age (as do many people who talk to me, or so they say); but I am really tired of seeing 19 or 20 year olds doing immature middle school things.

I am tired of girls who complain non stop. Especially when it’s about things that are stupid. I have a few friends who are between 17 and 19 who will not stop complaining about how their man of the week/month/year won’t call them, or how terrible he is or whatnot. It’s frustrating. So much so I can’t even stand to be around them any more because I don’t want to hear them complain anymore. It’s always the same problem few problems:

 Boy likes girl. Girl is in relation ship. Girl’s relationship ends because she realizes she loves boy. Boy is in another relationship by now. Boy and girl finally get together. Boy and girl break up and get back together again and again.

Boy and girl are dating. He cheats, she takes him back. She thinks he’s terrible. Things go back and forth. (There are variations to this story line, sometimes a girl calls the girl up and says boy is cheating, drama is started).

Marcus says I nit-pick (which I do) but, I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I don’t want immaturity in my life. I am happy in my relationship, and I have always tried to be a mature person about my emotions and how I deal with things (this is why everyone comes to me for their personal problems, usually involving relationships.)

And let me just put this little piece of bragging in here. When they listen IT WORKS. When they don’t, it doesn’t. But they hardly ever listen. They agree, but then never do what they know they need to do. So after years of listening to the crap, I’m done.

Anyways, end rant. My point is, these adults are complaining about how terrible their life is. Well. Trust me. Your life isn’t that bad. You are healthy, you have a family that loves you, you aren’t in a war zone, you aren’t watching your friends in war zone be killed, ect. I don’t feel like going on.

But yea. I wish there was a grow up and act your age potion or such I could give people. Or even some way I could show them how they act.

So, on a MUCH happier note: I bathed my guinea pig the other night. Here are the results:

Before                                                                         After

*No Mr. Moe’s were harmed in the making of this blog post.

In fact, Ninja (the cat) is scared of Mr. Moe. And Mr. Moe is just as sweet as could be!!

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Easter Eggs!

Random quick post about decorating easter eggs this morning. Also getting housework done. I really need to start getting all the crap out of the garden so I can start putting things in, I’m just afraid there are ant piles…

I hate ants. They’re creepy. But I don’t like putting ant killer on them for fear of polluting the environment further. So this is what I do!

My personal favorite (maybe because I’m just a little mean) is to pour boiling water on the pile. Make sure you stand back because it won’t kill them all immediatly, but by the next morning, they’ll all be dead.

The next two are untested but I hear them quite often. Either pour some orange oil on the pile or plant some mint. Apparently mint freaks their respiratory system out so they die. The problem with mint is it’s an invasive species, so if you do plant it, I’d say leave it in a planter, not the ground unless you want a yard full of mint.

On a completely different note, I am now officially engaged. I even have my ring!! (Well, sort of. It’s at the jewler’s getting resized because I have a ridiculuisly small hand. (Like… my ring finger is a 5.5). Anyways, but yea. It’s official!! We just need to set a date. So super squee!! It was soo sweet! I came home, and dinner was made (shrimp alfredo), and there were candles and wine!! And when I walked around the corner he was sitting… well kneeling there with Garcemo (my pillow pet that is a turtle). And I thought he was being cute, then he holds up Garcemo and he has my ring tied around his little Garcemo neck!!

SUPER SQUEE!!  That’s right. SUPER SQUEE!! I’m super excited!!

I should be doing religion homework right now. But I’m too busy deciding what to eat before I go to  work in an hour. But I don’t have to close, so that’s good. I probably won’t eat, just because I don’t know what to eat. Meh. no big deal.

Anyways. Yea. I’m engaged. I’m trying to start my garden. I’m eco-friendlyish!

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